Karpushin A.A. - scoliosis treatment by child and adults
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Scoliosis and other spinal and chest curvatures are found in most people, but only in few persons they take a progressive course, which could result in the necessity of a particular treatment. In typical cases, the so-called conservative treatment proves inefficient, and it is necessary to perform a surgery. And we shall consider such cases on this site. Surgical treatment of deformities of the chest has now reached a high level, while, simultaneously, many surgical techniques have ceased to satisfy both surgeons and patients. This is primarily due to the high traumatisation of the spine when trying to straighten it.

We have developed a technique for the surgical treatment of curvatures and deformities of the chest, including the spine, completely eliminating the possibility of causing traumas of the spine and allowing start an effective surgical treatment at the early stages of the disease. We offer a scientifically verified and practically confirmed qualitatively different NEW CONCEPT of the surgical treatment of scoliosis and other distortions of the chest, distinct from existing concepts.
  1. General concepts
  2. Principles of surgical treatment of scoliosis and other spinal curvatures. Our concept
  3. Anatomical and physiological basis of our technique
  4. Dysplastic (idiopathic) scoliosis in children
  5. Scoliosis in case of infantile cerebral paralysis (ICP)
  6. Scoliosis in some congenital malformations of the development of the spine
  7. Scoliosis in case of neurofibromatosis
  8. Scoliosis in adults
  9. The use of the stabilization system in case of injuries and diseases of the spine